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We’ll look after your clients

You can consider our credit, income, funding, operations and business development teams as partners in your business success. And by financing with Source One Financial, you can be sure we will look after your front-end operations and your clients.

It’s our mission to provide the highest level of service for your clients that generates you repeat business. We are your source for:

  • innovative and robust lending solutions
  • the highest level of service for you and your customers

We care about your customers — not just their credit score — and it shows

Your clients are looking for the vehicle that fits their lifestyle and budget, while also strengthening their credit health. We know your customers are more than a credit score and we act like it. Don’t just take our word for you it, see what our clients have to say.

Source One Financial Dealer Solutions

We offer you a broad spectrum of solutions to help, with rates starting as low as 8.99%   

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A dedicated team of experienced professionals to support you through every step of the purchase cycle.

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Flexible programs for situations that traditional lending institutions shy away from – including recent imperfect repayment history, young buyers, second vehicles, limited credit history, insolvency and more.

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Income approvals for non-traditional combinations of income, including pooling multiple non-garnishable disability, child and child support payments.

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Solutions to help individuals and families impacted by COVID-19 or other medical issues. We make accommodations for limited employment tenure in certain tiers, recent repossessions, and providing electronic signatures for customers with underlying medical conditions.

Source One Easy Income

Income verification made easy

Source One Easy Income is a simple, secure income verification process. We’ll get you connected to your bank in four easy steps. Thank you for making Source One your choice!


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